Cactus Collection

    These desert-native plants are hardy succulents that make the perfect gifts for friends who are new to keeping plants (have you ever heard of anyone killing a cactus?!), as well as a savvy choice for frequent travelers who need low maintenance plants to fit in with their lifestyle.


    Over 2,000 species of cacti exist across the planet - although they're native to some of the most parched regions of the Earth. While we've no idea if their sense of humour is as dry as their soil, we can guarantee that these guys won't be any bother in your home.

    Choose from a funky range of colours, stem shapes and flower types with what has to be the easiest houseplant to look after for beginners. Hardy and non-nonsense, these guys can survive practically any situation - so if you've got a history of bringing your leafy friends to an untimely end, these are probably the guys for you. Browse our hardy cacti to introduce the desert into your home.

    3 products

    3 products


    Is it bad to have cacti in the house?

    No, cacti and other succulents have a wide range of health benefits. A house cactus can help you breathe better, as it helps to remove the toxins in the air. These hardy succulents will be sure to boost your mood and transport you - albeit momentarily - out into the desert.

    What makes a cactus a good houseplant?

    If you’re considering starting your houseplant collection, a cactus is the perfect beginner indoor plant. They’re not one to fuss over a watering schedule or humidity levels and so won’t hold a grudge if you’re a little forgetful sometimes.  

    Cacti are known for being sun loving plants. They will very easily thrive with minimal upkeep, while the perfect spot for a cactus is by any window that gets a lot of sunlight. An indoor cactus needs less sun than those in the wild, so don’t worry about your cactus in the winter months when there isn't much sunlight: he’ll be fine, as long as you put him by a window, where he can soak up the sun to his heart’s content.

    Which cactus should I choose for my home?

    Carlos the cactus is a tall house cactus who looks straight out of a Western film. Place him by any window or in a sunny conservatory and he’ll thrive. He’s also practically indestructible - well, unless you overwater him.

    If you’re after a smaller cactus, the spiral cactus is up your street. Unusual in shape (if you stare at it too long we can guarantee your eyes will go funny), he’s perfect for a windowsill or on a desk.


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