About Us

The story starts here.....
Once upon a time in a one bedroom flat just outside of London, Pointless Plants was born.
After adding plants to our one bedroom flat it became pretty overcrowded and after a neighbour said 'Why would you have so many plants?, They're Pointless', the Pointless Plants brand was born.
Now we had the name of the brand, it was time to think big and create something that would not only last a lifetime but have an ever lasting impact on the world. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make our planet a GREENER, HEALTHIER, and HAPPIER place to live. This is why we offer affordable plants for everyone. 

For every order we receive we plant a tree somewhere in the world. We are very conscious on the impact we are having. Not only do we want to be a trendy brand but a community of people with powerful voices to really do the right thing. The outdated model of business is no longer sustainable in the twenty first century. It is time to wake up, be nice and truly do the right thing for everyone.

Join us on our amazing journey to make an impact!

The Pointless Value

We do not measure our success by looking at our balance sheet. We measure our success by looking at how many plants we have supplied and how many trees we have planted in shrinking forests around the world. For every order we plant a tree somewhere around the world. We understand the implications reforestation can have on the ecosystem and wildlife, we do our best to support projects we believe that will make a difference and have a positive impact.

Closer to home, our packaging is almost completely recyclable. We understand recycling still uses energy that sometimes isn't from renewable sources and we are working hard to find a solution (including seed paper). We use delivery companies and suppliers that also align with our values and put their corporate social responsibility as a number one priority.

Become part of the 'Pointless' brand

Our Pointless name helps us to remember our values! Which are to make the world a better place however BIG or small, by creating a platform where we can spread awareness, offer affordable plants to our customers making a positive, healthy impact and by giving back to Planet Earth. Everyday we are reminded that if we are not acting on our values, then we are actually 'Pointless'.

Remember to not be Pointless.

We need your support and ideas so we can achieve our mission together!

So join us now to create your jungle.