Conrad The Dumb Cane Plant


Also known as the Dumb Cane. The Dumb cane is native to the West Indies. 


Conrad is very adaptable to all types of light. He is happy in a bright/medium light but will also tolerate low lighting conditions. His tolerance to low light makes him a good winter plant. While he is low light tolerant he will grow faster in a brighter spot.


He is not fussy about his watering schedule but he would prefer to dry out in between each watering. Water him once a week in the summer but only when his soil is dry. Watering him when the first two/ three inches is still moist will lead to root rot. 


Conrad is a tropical plant and prefers higher levels of humidity. Regular misting or using a humidifier nearby can help increase humidity levels. Conrad’s love for humidity makes me a good bathroom plant.


The perfect indoor temperature for Conrad is between 18-23°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 18°C Conrad will be happy. 


In the growing season from March-September use a diluted houseplant fertiliser on Conrad every 4 weeks.


Conrad will be happy in his nursery pot for many years. He may need repotting after 2-3 years. Use materials like perlite, sand and bark to help with the drainage. Conrad prefers well drained soil. He doesn’t like to sit in soggy soil for a long period of time.



  Leaf curling - Curling leaves are a sign that Conrad has been given too much fertiliser or he is under watered. Have a feel of his soil to make sure it is moist. If his soil is very dry it could be time for a thorough water. 

 Slow or no growth - If you notice that Conrad’s new leaves are very small it is a sign that he is not getting enough light. Move him to a sunnier spot for larger fuller growth.


 Leaves turning yellow, then dropping -If his soil dries out completely he will go into stress. His leaves will turn yellow and they will drop. Feel his soil every week to make sure he never completely dries out.



Top tip 1: Conrad can be sensitive to cold drafts. If you notice his foliage really drooping this may be because he is cold. 

Top tip 2: To help promote even growth, rotate his pot weekly so each part of the plant can get even amounts of light. 

Top tip 3:  Conrad’s stems are filled with dangerous toxic sap that can cause irritation to the throat. Make sure Conrad is kept away from any children or pets.