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Height (including nursery pot) 90cm; pot diameter 21cm.

Health benefits- Air purifying

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten

Lighting for your Zamioculcas Plant

Zoe likes indirect sunlight. She will also tolerate shade and can even grow in deep shade. She will also be okay in a sunnier spot, just be careful with strong afternoon sun.

Watering your ZZ Plant

In the summer from March to September, we recommend watering once a week. Watering Wednesday is a great way to remember. Zoe likes to dry between watering so use your finger to test the soils moisture.

In the winter from October to February reduce watering to once or twice a month. Let Zoe almost completely dry out before watering in the winter.

Humidity for your ZZ Plant

Zoe will tolerate normal room humidity.

Fertiliser for your ZZ Plant

From March to August give Zoe some houseplant fertiliser every month when watering.

Repotting your ZZ Plant

When the roots start to grow out of the bottom opening of the pot, it is time to put Zoe into a larger pot.

ZZ Plant Care Problems

  • Sudden yellowing and limpness of lower leaves is due to overwatering.