The Coffee Plant
The Coffee Plant
The Coffee Plant

The Coffee Plant

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If you're looking for a little isolation project that will last longer than COVID-19 (hopefully) then this Coffee Plant is perfect for you. This is a Coffea Arabica typically one of the most economically important Coffee types for the industry and mostly grown in Ethiopia. Treat this Coffee Plant with care and you can expect to grow your own beans within 4-8years and have a 150cm tall plant. No pressure! (Decorative pots sold separately)


Height (including nursery pot) 20cm; pot diameter 12cm.

Health Benefits- Many health benefits associated to the coffee bean

Pet safe- Mildly toxic when consumed


Lighting for your Coffee Plant

Get the lighting right and you're one step closer to growing your own coffee. Find a spot where your coffee plant will receive bright indirect sunlight. This can also be semi shady. By this we mean a bit of sunlight and a bit of shade but try to avoid too much direct light.

Watering your Coffee Plant

Keeping your Coffee Plants soil moist but not soggy is the goal here. The best way to achieve this is to let the top 2-3cm of the soil dry out before watering. This will probably equate to watering once a week but always test the soil as an indication.

Houseplant watering guide

Humidity for your Coffee Plant

Higher humidity will benefit your Coffee Plant. A kitchen can be a great place for your plant. Mist your Coffee Plant daily to keep the humidity up.

Fertiliser for your Coffee Plant

Fertilise your coffee plant every 2 weeks in the spring and summer. However, if you have repotted your plant the new soil will contain enough nutrients. Also, our Coffee Plants will not need fertilising in the first year.

Repotting your Coffee Plant

Coffee Plants grow pretty quickly and every spring it is a good idea to repot yours into a bigger pot.

Coffee Plant care problems

  • It is a great idea to prune your coffee plant if your going for the coffee bush look. This will also help the plant to multiply its stems creating a higher yield for growing coffee beans. Pruning can be done a year after buying your coffee plant in early summer.

  • Leaves can turn brown and crispy from direct sunlight.

  • Leaves falling from draughty areas, or soggy soil. It is okay for the occasional leaf to fall off.