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Alex is like Superman. He is a full blown hero! Burn yourself and he can be used to soothe. If you suck at keeping plants alive he will flourish (less is more with the watering). Alex is always there to listen and comfort. As he is mostly water he will absorb all of your words just how he can absorb EMF radiation. You rock Alex!!


Height (including nursery pot) 50cm; pot diameter 15cm.

Health benefits- Air purifying

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten


Lighting for your Aloe Vera

A lovely sunny spot and Alex will love you. In shady spot Alex will become a little bit leggy and weak.


Watering your Aloe Vera

When the soil has completely dried out it is time to give Alex a good old soak. Make sure you only water when the soil is completely dry. As a succulent Alex doesn't need regular watering.

Humidity for your Aloe Vera

Normal room humidity is just fine for Alex.

Fertiliser for your Aloe Vera

During the spring and summer fertiliser your Aloe Vera every month.


Repotting your Aloe Vera

Alex doesn't really have big roots but when he becomes really top heavy it is time to repot Alex.

Aloe Vera plant care problems

  •  Leggy and weak from low light.

  • Soft brown leaves from over watering.