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Is it us or does this plant really remind you of marble cake? or maybe it's just dinner time. This beautiful plant is olive green with silver markings, an easy to care for decorative plant of dreams.

Height (including nursery pot) 35cm; pot diameter 15cm.

Health Benefits- Amazing air purifier

Pet safe- Mildly toxic when consumed


Lighting for your Silver Pothos

Marble likes medium light conditions, which means that she likes bright but indirect light. She will also grow slowly in low light conditions but she her beautiful markings might start to fade. Too much direct light will burn her leaves.

Watering your Silver Pothos

In the summer from March to September, we recommend watering twice a week. Watering Wednesday and Soak Sunday. Make sure you test the soil before watering and only water when the soil has dried out.

In the winter from October to February reduce watering to once a week or less. Houseplant watering guide

Humidity for your Silver Pothos

Marble will tolerate normal room humidity, but more humidity will make her slightly happier.

Fertiliser for your Silver Pothos

From March to August give Marble some houseplant fertiliser every two weeks when watering.

Repotting your Silver Pothos

When the roots start to grow out of the bottom opening of the pot, it is time to put Marble into a larger pot. For soil, we recommend a well draining houseplant soil.

Silver Pothos care problems

  • Yellowing leaves usually occur from overwatering.

  • Leaves can fade in low lighting conditions.