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The queen of fresh air! This Peace Lily is known famously for her majestic air purifying  abilities. Her striking green leaves with contrasting white swan flowers make her a true statement plant, and she is super easy to look after.

Height (including nursery pot) 75cm; pot diameter 17cm.

Health benefits- Air purifying

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten


Lighting for your Peace Lily

Lily likes a bright spot but will also tolerate shady areas. Avoid mid day rays as this will be a little bit too strong for her leaves. An east facing window is perfect, morning sun and sheltered the rest of the day.

Watering your Peace Lily

Lily likes her soil being moist but not soggy. Make sure the top of the soil dries out between watering. She can be sensitive to tap water making the tips of her leaves brown so if you can distilled or rain water is perfect.


Humidity for your Peace Lily

Lily prefers higher humidity. Mist every few days are keep her close to other houseplants to keep her happy.

What Fertiliser should I use for my Peace Lily

Once every 6 weeks in the spring and summer is fine. If you have repotted Lily she will be okay without any fertiliser.

Repotting your Peace Lily

When Lily's roots start to come out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, it is time to repot. For soil, a well drained potting soil is perfect.

Peace Lily Plant care Problems

  • Crisp, brown leaf tips result from under-watering, low humidity or tap water.

  • Low light levels can result in flowers not blooming as regularly.

  • Yellowing leaves most likely from overwatering. It is possible the leaf is just old and is naturally shedding.