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The beautiful Isla, dappled in greens, reds and pretty pinks. She really is littered with colour making her a sweet little crowd pleaser. Super easy to look after, air purifying, baby and pet safe is the cherry on the top. We hope you love Isla as much as we do!

Small Height (including nursery pot) 50cm; pot diameter 14cm.

Big Height (including nursery pot) 70cm; pot diameter 19cm.

Health Benefits- Great air purifier

Pet safe- Pet and baby safe


Lighting for Calathea Triostar

Isla likes medium to bright indirect. She doesn't like direct light as this will burn her leaves. She will also tolerate shade and low light conditions making her an easy choice for most people.

Watering your Calathea Triostar

In the summer from March to September keep Isla's soil moist, we recommend watering twice a week. Watering Wednesday and Soak Sunday.

In the winter from October to February reduce watering to once a week. Houseplant watering guide

Use rain or distilled water to make Isla extra happy.

Humidity for your Calathea Triostar

Isla likes room humidity to be around 60%. Normal room humidity is around 40-50%. To increase humidity you can use a Humidifier, place Isla next to other houseplants or you can fill a saucer with pebbles and water, place Isla on top of this.

Fertiliser for your Calathea Triostar

From March to August give Isla some houseplant fertiliser every month when watering.

Repotting your Calathea Triostar

When the roots start to grow out of the bottom opening of the pot, it is time to put Isla into a larger pot. For soil, we recommend a good draining soil with a mix of bark, charcoal and perlite.

Calathea Triostar Care Problems

  • Browning leaves, not enough humidity or water is too hard. Use rainwater or distilled.

  • If Isla starts to look a bit shabby, you can cut some of her leaves off to promote new growth.