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This is Foxy. He's the sort of plant that gets better with age. Beautiful silver highlights naturally on his leaves makes him a trophy plant. Put him against other plants or a dark wall and watch how the colours of his leaves really start to pop. (Decorative pot sold separately)


Height (including nursery pot) 45cm; pot diameter 14cm.

Health Benefits- Amazing air purifier

Pet safe- Toxic when consumed


Lighting for your Aglaonema

Foxy will take pretty much any lighting condition apart from long periods of full sun, this will scorch his leaves. He is happiest in part shade and part sun or he will do quite well with just artificial lighting. Too much shade and she will start to look thin and leggy, too much sun and his leaves will burn and become crispy. It's about finding a balance


Watering your Aglaonema

In the summer from March to September, we recommend watering twice a week. Watering Wednesday and Soak Sunday is a great way to remember.
In the winter from October to February reduce watering to once a week. To make sure you're not overwatering put your finger into the top of the soil, if the soil is wet do not water, if the soil is dry, it's time to water. Let Foxy almost completely dry out before watering in the winter.

Humidity for your Aglaonema

Foxy will be okay with normal room humidity.

Fertiliser for your Aglaonema

Once a month in the spring and summer will be great for Foxy.

Repotting your Aglaonema

Foxy is fairly slow growing so he will need repotting every other year. For soil, a good draining potting soil is perfect.


Aglaonema care problems

  • Yellowing leaves can be from root rot and overwatering.

  • Leggy and thin from too much shade, find a sunnier spot.