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Eraser is a massive fan of stationery. He's the plant with the best animal shaped rubber collection. In fact he actually producers sap that can be made into types of rubber which has given him the famous name of a 'Rubber Plant', or to Pointless Plants 'Eraser'. (Decorative pot sold separately)


Big Height (including nursery pot) 75-85cm; pot diameter 21cm.

Health Benefits- Great air purifier

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if consumed


Lighting for Rubber Plant

Rubber plants like a brightly lit spot without direct sunlight. They will also tolerate shade and low light conditions making them an easy choice for most people.

Watering your Rubber Plant

Water your rubber plant when the top of the soil is dry to touch. Under watering is better than over watering with this one. When your rubber plant is thirsty, leaves will droop a little to give you the hint.

Humidity for your Rubber Plant

Normal to higher humidity is great for your rubber plant. Make sure you wipe your rubber plants leaves clear of dust to make sure it can enjoy the humidity.

Fertiliser for your Rubber Plant

From March to August you can give your Rubber Plant some houseplant fertiliser every month when watering.

Repotting your Rubber Plant

When the roots start to grow out of the bottom opening of the pot, it is time to put your Rubber Plant into a larger pot. For soil, we recommend a good draining soil.

Rubber Plant Care Problems

  • Mealy bugs sometimes like your rubber plant. Warm soapy water to wipe them off and use Neem oil as a prevention.

  • Loss of leaves caused by overwatering, low temperatures or cold draughts.