Curly Wurly - Houseplants delivered UK
Curly Wurly - Houseplants delivered UK
Curly Wurly - Houseplants delivered UK

Curly Wurly

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Curly Wurly, our favourite chocolate bar of all time. Can you see what made us think of this name? it was either that or pot noodles. Treat this Curly Wurly like how you treat your chocolate and she will reward you with flowers! (just don't keep her in the fridge)

Height (including nursery pot) 30-40cm; pot diameter 15cm.

Health Benefits- Amazing air purifier

Pet safe- Mildly toxic when consumed


Lighting for your Aeschynanthus

A bright spot without too much direct sunlight is perfect. By that we mean, avoid direct sunlight for extended periods. Curly Wurly will reward you with continuous red flowers if you get the lighting right. Not enough light and you might not get as many flowers.

Watering your Aeschynanthus

Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Water Curly Wurly thoroughly and then allow her to dry out again before watering. This will probably equate to watering once a week depending on the location of Curly Wurly. Always stick a finger in the soil to see if she needs watering. 

Humidity for your Aeschynanthus

A humid environment for Curly Wurly will be perfect. Mist her several times a week to keep her happy.

Fertiliser for your Aeschynanthus

Fertilise monthly in the spring and summer if you want her flowers to keep on popping.

Repotting your Aeschynanthus

Repot when Curly Wurly's roots grow out of her pot. She will be okay in the same pot until next year.

Aeschynanthus Plant care problems

  • Yellowing leaves usually occurs from most likely low light.

  • Leaves can turn brown and crispy from too much direct light or not enough water.