Colourful Cacti Collection
Colourful Cacti Collection

Colourful Cacti Collection

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Keep the summer alive with a summery, flower cactus. Now the sun is starting to move to the Southern Hemisphere make sure you find a lovely sunny spot for your Cactus. The flowers on these Cacti are not naturally grown, they are a dried flowers glued on to the cactus for a little bit of added fun.


Big Height (including nursery pot) 15cm; pot diameter 10.5cm.

Health benefits- Can improve sense of well being

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten


Lighting for your Cactus

A big lover of sunlight, put your cactus in a bright, sunny spot.  


Watering your Cactus Plant

Water every 2-3 weeks, make sure the 


Humidity for your Cactus Plant

Your cactus will tolerate normal room humidity.


What fertiliser should I use for my Cactus

Fertiliser every month in spring and summer is great.


Repotting your Cactus

You shouldn't have to repot your cactus for a good few years. For soil, a well drained potting soil or cactus mix soil is perfect.


 Cactus plant care problems

  • Root rot from overwatering, follow our guidance on watering.