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The perfect plant to remind you of that big yellow thing in the sky that tends to disappear after summer. Make sure Brad gets a lovely sunny spot, this will keep his leaves bright and colourful.



Height (including nursery pot) 60cm; pot diameter 19cm.

Health benefits- Can improve sense of well being.

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten.


Lighting for your Codiaeum

A bright spot with some direct sunlight during the day will keep Brad happy. Midday strong sunlight can cause leaves to fade slightly.

Watering your Codiaeum

Soggy but not moist is the best way to keep Brad's soil. The best way to achieve this is to let the top 2-3cm of the soil to dry out completely before thoroughly watering Brad.

Humidity for your Codiaeum

Humidity will help Brad. Keep him close to his plant pals which will boost the humidity around him.

Fertiliser for your Codiaeum

One or twice a month during the spring and summer will be great for Brad.


Repotting your Codiaeum

Every year repot Brad into a pot that is slightly bigger than his previous one.

Codiaeum plant care problems

  •  Less colour can often mean not enough light.

  • When you find the perfect spot for Brad keep him there. He doesn't like to be moved often and he might drop some leaves if he is moved.