Hamish - Houseplants delivered UK
Hamish - Houseplants delivered UK


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Does anyone know a hairdresser around here? I have recently moved to the area and I don't want to be disloyal to my hairdresser back home. I am just joking, these leaves of mine are the reason I was voted by NASA as one of the best air purifying house plants around. Pretty impresive, right? That's why you wont forget my name, I'm the one and only Big Hamish. 

Ps. if you're looking for small Hamish he's in all supermarkets. I'm too exclusive to be anywhere else.

Height (including nursery pot)40-50cm; pot diameter 17cm.

Health Benefits- Great air purifier

Pet safe- Mildly toxic when consumed


Lighting for your Boston Fern Plant

Hamish likes medium to low indirect light. He doesn't like direct light as this will burn his leaves. He will tolerate shade making him an easy choice for most people.


Watering you Boston Fern Plant

In the summer from March to September keep Hamish's soil moist, we recommend watering two to three times a week. Watering Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Soak Sunday.

In the winter from October to February reduce watering to once a week or less. Houseplant watering guide

Humidity for your Boston Fern Plant

Hamish likes room humidity to be around 60%. Normal room humidity is around 40-50%. To increase humidity you can use a Humidifier, place Hamish next to other houseplants or you can fill a saucer with pebbles and water, place Hamish on top of this.


Fertiliser for your Boston Fern Plant

From March to August give Hamish some houseplant fertiliser every month or two when watering.


Repotting your Boston Fern Plant

When the roots start to grow out of the bottom opening of the pot, it is time to put Hamish into a larger pot. For soil, we recommend a good houseplant soil with a high peat moss content.


Boston Fern Plant Care Problems

  • Browning leaves or yellowing leaves, not enough humidity.

  • Hamish needs humidity, be careful in the winter as heating can make the air dry and Hamish to crisp up.