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Add a splash of colour with these beautiful gems. Created by nature each one of these plants is uniquely different just like any great painting.

Height (including nursery pot) 30-35cm; pot diameter 17cm.

Fits 18-20cm decorative pot

Health benefits- Colourful mood booster!

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten


Lighting for your Begonia

A well lit, bright spot but avoiding direct sunlight is perfect for Beth. In the wild she normally lives under big tree's that provide her a little bit of cover from the sun.

Watering your Begonia

Moist but not soggy. We recommend letting Beth's soil dry out by the top 2-3cm before watering thoroughly.

Humidity for your Begonia

Beth does like a little bit of humidity. To increase humidity you can mist Beth every few days or group her together with other houseplants. Too much misting can cause sogginess.

Fertiliser for your Begonia 

In the spring and summer fertilise every 2-3 weeks.


Repotting your Begonia

Beth has a pretty shallow root system. Her roots tend to grow outwards quicker than growing downwards. Consider repotting her into a wider shallower pot. Alternatively, you can fill the bottom of a deeper pot with gravel.

Begonia plant care Problems

  •  Soggy soil for a prolonged time can cause root rot.

  • Fungus can form with soggy soil and poor circulation.