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Corr Bertie, you're very pretty! Bertie used to eat soo much Watermelon he turned into one. I know he looks tasty but please do not eat him, he will not taste like Watermelon. If you do have a little nibble, don't worry he isn't toxic.


Height (including nursery pot) 20cm; pot diameter 12cm.

Health benefits- Air purifying

Pet safe- Pet safe.


Lighting for your Peperomia

Often found below big tropical forest trees your little watermelon friend will appreciate filtered sunlight. A lovely bright spot without any direct sunlight is perfect.

Watering your Peperomia

Water only when the soil is dry. When the soil is dry to touch, water thoroughly. Get this right and Bertie will be happy.


Humidity for your Peperomia

Bertie does like humidity. Normal room humidity will be fine but during the summer months a mist every few days will be great. Place Bertie next to other houseplants to help him.

Fertiliser for your Peperomia

Every month in the spring and summer.

Repotting your Peperomia

You will not need to repot Bertie frequently, every 2-3 years will be great.


Peperomia Plant care Problems

  •  Over or under watering is the main issue that can cause wilting or yellowing leaves from root rot.

  • Wilting can sometimes be caused by cold temperature or draughts.