Peat-Free Plants

Peat-Free Plants



    We're constantly on the lookout for ways to become more environmentally friendly and help you live greener, too. One area of the houseplant industry that often goes under the radar is the soil they're potted in, with the vast majority of indoor plants grown in peat. Unfortunately, this nutrient-rich mix of organic matter is hugely unsustainable; in nature, peat stores a third of the world's soil carbon and this is released when it's harvested to grow your new pot plant.  We're don't think that's cool, which is why we've launched this range of plants grown in peat-free soil. 

    Although the idea of peat free potting soil is still very new, we've been able to secure a small range from our growers, who use coconut coir as the star of the show rather than peat. What we love about this peat alternative is the fact that coconut coir is harvested from the husk of a coconut, a part that would have been discarded anyway as most people are more interested in coconut milk rather than its shell. Win-win. 

    Pointless Plants is one of only a handful of companies across the UK offering peat-free houseplants. By buying one, you're helping us push the industry towards saying ciao to peat forever. 

    8 products

    8 products

    What are the problems with peat potting mix?

    Peats bogs can be found all over the world from Canada to Finland. These bogs are made out of layers of dead debris that have been forming for thousands of years. Within many layers to these bogs, Carbon Dioxide becomes trapped within them over time which is how bogs help to reduce our Carbon Dioxide emissions.

    Unfortunately when bogs are harvested this trapped CO2 is released back into the world's atmosphere. In the UK alone peat harvesting is a £5 billion business that contributes to 5% of all greenhouse gases. This is expected to continue to rise if action is not taken immediately.

    By choosing to buy one of our peat free houseplants you are helping the environment. We will do everything in our power to stop buying into a huge industry that is contributing to the destruction of our planet.

    Check out our peat free stock and take your first step into having more sustainable and environmentally friendly plants in your home. With every order, we plant 10 trees in Madagascar so you can be sure you’re doing your part to help the environment.


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    Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025 to help save our environment.