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Hey, I’m the air plant. Yes I know, I'm not your conventional houseplant but who wants to be like everybody else? I guess you’re probably wondering how I stay alive without a proper root system and potting soil? My clever leaves can absorb water so there’s no need for a root system, meaning you can place me anywhere with good light and I’ll be happy. I can hold lots of water in my leaves but like a good weekly soak to keep me hydrated. You can then give me a good shake to get rid of any excess water to prevent my leaves from rotting.

I can come from moist rainforests and dry deserts all over parts of Florida, Texas, Central America and South America. You can find me piggy-backing on tree branches and rocks but don't get the wrong idea of me, I’m not a parasite and you won’t find me taking any nutrients from the trees. I can absorb all the moisture and light I need from my leaves. The trees are my friends and not food.

I look my best placed in a hanging pot near a window that will allow me to absorb all the light I need. I’m that ‘must have’ plant that everybody is always talking about and I’m ready to be your new plant obsession.


Hanging Airplant (Tillandsia Usneoides)Length 40-50cm


You can determine how often the air plant needs watering by how thick the leaves are. Any Tillandsia with thick leaves can go long periods without water and is more likely to be native to a desert-like environment. Tillandsias with thin leaves are more likely native to a wet and humid rainforest and need more regular watering.

Suspend the air plant in a hanging pot or arrange as a centerpiece for some creative and unusual flair.


Keep the ​Tillandsia in a humid room with bright light. A weekly soak will be enough to keep the leaves hydrated.


​I like bright filtered light. Place me near a west or east facing window.


One a week soak me in a bowl of water for 1-4 hours and lay me upside down on a towel so the excess water drips off my leaves.


I like being in a humid room. Place me next to a humidifier and I will absorb the moisture through my leaves.


In the growth season from March-September, spray a diluted fertiliser on my leaves.




A bright living room or bedroom with filtered light.






How do you take care of an air plant?

Air plants are low maintenance and take very little care to keep alive. Place your air plant close to a bright window where the plant can receive a lot of filtered/indirect light. Soak your air plant weekly in a bowl with room temperature water and leave for 1-4 hours. Shake your air plant plant to get rid of any excess water then place on a towel upside down to remove the remaining water. Air plants like a breath of fresh air and won’t object to being close to an open window for good air circulation.

How often should you water a Tillandsia?

Like all houseplants the Tillandisa will need regular watering to survive. A weekly soak is recommended once a week. Place the Tillandia in a bowl of water for 1-4 hours and then shake any excess water off the leaves to avoid rotting. Place your air plant on a towel upside down for 1-2 hours to allow the remaining water to drip off the leaves.

Do all air plants clean the air?

All 650 species of Tillandsia are known for their air purifying abilities. They’re effective at absorbing the indoor and outdoor toxins. Studies in South America discovered that Tillandsia can continue thriving even when placed by an extremely populated motorway where the toxins in the air were off the charts. ​Tillandsia will do it’s part to help absorb these common household toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde and help you breathe a little easier.


The styling options for your air plant are endless. The most popular is suspending your air plant from a hanging pot or basket to give a cool bohemian look to a sunny living room. To liven up your dining room arrange a special centerpiece using a thin wooden tray featuring your new air plants as the main attraction. Why not grab a metallic frame and attach your air plant as a funky and special shelf ornament.

Connect with your spirituality by using one of our ​natural crystals​ as a gorgeous air plant holder. This style is perfect for positive vibes and wellbeing. You can also pair this unusual plant with the​ creativity crystal​ and the Bohemian vegan candle​ for a spark of joy in a sunny room.


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If you have received a damaged plant or within 30 days you have any trouble after following our care guidance we will offer you a replacement.


Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025 to help save our environment.


We individually package our plants with recyclable materials to ensure you receive the highest quality plants. Every plant leaves us with a Pointless Plants quality assured sticker, this means we have checked the plant and it meets our very high standards. ** Please note some plants will contain plastic around them which have been added by growers to protect their delicate leaves. We do our best not add single use plastic to our orders

We send our plants using a next day delivery trusted courier service which will give you shipping updates and the opportunity to rearrange delivery. We do leave a delivery instruction to leave box in a safe place as a quick delivery ensures quality of our plants are maintained. This should also avoid having to reschedule missed deliveries.

99% of the time our plants are delivered safely. Occasionally plants may arrive a little bit damaged. In this case send us a picture within 72hours and we will be more than happy to replace them.

We ship using a next day delivery but, sometimes we need a 3-7day period to process your order. This is because demand fluctuates, we may need extra packing time or plants availability has changed at the last minute. We try our best to make delivery as quick as possible and we are working very hard on reducing our dispatch time.


Returns & Refunds

If you receive your plants and they are damaged from delivery, we will happily replace them. Just send us a picture within 72 hours of receiving them.

We accept returns on pots, accessories, crystals and candles. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on our plants. If you’re not 100% happy please contact us at hello@pointlessplants.com​ ​and we will find a solution you are happy with. The return shipping will be at the customers own expense.

We are here for you

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Who Are Pointless Plants?

What makes you different from other plant companies?

We don’t see ourselves as a business. Our mission is to make the world a happier, better and greener place. We think delivering houseplants is a good start.


Do you really plant 10 trees for every order?

Yes, we have an API installed on our website which automatically plants trees with Ecologi when an order is made. Our slogan is ‘Create a Jungle’ and we are on a mission to make the world a greener place. We are always looking to do more and when we get the chance to travel, we’re hoping to see our impact first hand. Sometimes we save our trees for a big project where we can help first hand. This isn't just about short term carbon offsetting. This is about long term biodiversity, rebuilding and conserving our planet!




What changes have you made for a safer delivery?

Delivering your plants to you is our top priority. We have implemented social distancing in our office and our team is working from home whenever possible. Our postage carrier has also implicated contact free delivery.



Plant care

Do you have any information on caring for my plant?

Yes we do! On each individual plant page we have a summary of how to look after each specific plant. We will tell you about watering, light and humidity. This will help to get you started.

We also have specific plant care documents on our website. CLICK HERE


Do you have any plants that will purify my home?

Absolutely, many houseplants not only look great but are also busy at work making the air in your home as clean as possible. Check out our ‘Air Purifying Machines’.


Can I put my plant in a room with no windows?

While some plants thrive in lower light conditions, all plants need some light to survive. Check out our top 5 best shade loving plants. (Snake plant, ZZ Plant, Palm, Cast Iron Plant, Peace Lily)


Do you have any plants for my office?

Yes, we’d love to brighten up your work space. Check out our office plants HERE.


I’m a complete plant beginner. Which plants are right for me?

We were all beginners once. We have so many low maintenance plants to choose from which are perfect for beginners. Check out our ‘Pretty hard to kill plants’ 


I think my plant is dying! Help!

We’re here to help. Send us an email ​hello@pointlessplants.com​ or WhatsApp us on 07308953372 and we can help assist you further.

The most common reason for dying plants is overwatering. If your plant is turning yellow, this is due to overwatering. Always feel the soil of your houseplant before you water to make sure it is dry.


Are your plants pet safe?

This does vary depending on the plant. We have an entire section on pet safe plants. We want to make sure the furry members of your family are safe. Find our range of pet safe houseplants HERE.




Can I cancel or edit my order?

Yes, for most orders we can edit or cancel them, provided your order has not already been dispatched from our warehouse. This could range from 1-6 days and will depend on stock availability.

Email us at hello@pointlessplants.comor WhatsApp us on07308953372​ ​and we will work out the best course of action for you and your new plants.


Is there a minimum spend?

No. You are free to order as much or as little as you like. 


I’m not happy with my plants. What are my next steps?

We’re sorry to hear this! Send us pictures of the problem on any form of social media, email (hello@pointlessplants.com) or WhatsApp (07308953372). We will base each case specifically on the individual situation.

We will try our best to rectify the problem and leave you with a solution you are happy with.


Does my plant arrive already potted?

All our plants arrive potted in a plastic nursery pot. Some of our plants arrive in decorative pots. This will be clearly stated on the plant’s specific page as to whether the decorative pot is included or not.


Do you offer a gift note option?

If you have any special requests, we’d love to hear from you. Our website does have a 'Add a gift note' section. Send us an email on hello@pointlessplants.comor message on our WhatsApp 07308953372​ if you need anymore help.




Can I pick my delivery date?

At this time we do not have an option for picking an exact date. If you’re in need of your order to arrive on a particular date, please email us at hello@pointlessplants.comand we will do our best to get your plants to you as soon as we can.


How will my delivery be tracked?

Your order will be delivered to you through DHL shipping. You will receive a link from DHL shipping where you can rearrange delivery and pick a safe space. On the morning of delivery, you will receive a 1 hour delivery time slot. If you wish to receive notifications by text please enter your phone number at checkout.


How long will delivery take? 

On most orders we have next day delivery. If you live in Belfast or Scotland this could take up to 48 hours. Depending on stock availability please allow up to 7 days. Please email us at hello@pointlessplants.comif you have any further questions on when to expect your order.


What is the price for delivery?

Delivery is £3.95 for next day and £8.99 for Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Scottish Islands. This could vary due to dispatch time. 


How are you environmentally friendly?

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All our packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled further. Please recycle our packaging if possible.




Do you accept returns?

We accept returns on pots, accessories, crystals and candles. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on our plants. If you’re not 100% happy please contact us at hello@pointlessplants.com​ ​and we will find a solution you are happy with. The return shipping will be at the customers own expense.


What is your refund policy?

We will treat each situation individually and work out the best solution for you. Please contact us on WhatsApp 07308953372or email at hello@pointlessplants.com and we can assist further.