Palm with a basket - Houseplants delivered UK
Palm with a basket - Houseplants delivered UK
Palm with a basket - Houseplants delivered UK

Palm with a basket

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The only plant on the website without a catchy name. There needs to be no introductions with this one. A beautiful, luscious, tropical, trendy Areca Palm in a Handmade Natural Seagrass woven basket. Yes the basket comes with the plant. 2 in 1! This Palm is a lover of tropical environments crying out for a bright bathroom, kitchen or conservatory. The best thing about this palm is she is one of the best air purifying, radiation absorbing plants voted for by NASA, meaning she is also a fan of a steamy bedroom. 


Height(including nursery pot) 70cm; pot diameter 19cm.

Health benefits- Air purifying

Pet safe- Mildly toxic if eaten


Lighting for your Areca Palm

This Areca Palm likes a sunny spot. She will be happy in front of a south/west facing window. If she gets too much sun her leaves will start to turn a yellow/brown colour. She is happiest with bright but indirect sunlight


Watering your Areca Palm

In the summer from March to September, we recommend watering twice a week. Watering Wednesday and Soak Sunday. To make sure you're not overwatering put your finger into the top of the soil, if the soil is wet do not water, if the soil is dry, it's time to water.

In the winter from October to February reduce watering to once or twice a month. Let this Palm almost completely dry out before watering in the winter. Houseplant watering guide


Humidity for your Areca Palm

Areca Palms will tolerate normal room humidity but will thrive in humid places. 


What fertiliser should I use for my Areca Palm

Fertiliser isn't a necessity but, once every two months in the summer wouldn't go a miss.


Repotting your Areca Palm

Every few years you’ll need to repot this Palm. The roots prefer a tight container but when they’re too crowded, it will limit the size of the plant. For soil, we recommend a good draining soil.


Areca Palm care problems

  • Yellow leaves can be caused by too much sun or water.

  • Brown tips on leaves can be caused by low humidity of draughts.