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Hey there, I’m Ricardo the Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma. I’ll admit my latin name is a bit of a mouthful but don’t let that put you off. Most people call me the mini Monstera due to my fenestration foliage and my size. I also have a strong resemblance to Monty and Monkey which is why I’m often mistaken as being a Monstera species. I’m actually quite a rare find and less commonly found than other plants that look like me. I have very similar care to a Monstera or Philodendron although due to my delicate leaves I prefer to be placed in a shadier spot.

Despite my look I’m not a Monstera but am part of the same family known as the Araceae ‘aroids’ family. It has over 3,500 different species! I’m usually found in the most tropical parts of the world from Malaysia, Thailand to Australia and the West pacific. I’m a big fan of warm and humid climates so grouping me near other plants that release humidity like Lily, Hamish and Bonnie is the ideal spot for me. I can handle all types of lighting and will certainly grow at a faster rate in a bright room filled with indirect sunlight.

My quirky and interesting foliage will have your friends and family wondering where in the world you found me from. I deserve a prime spot in the home to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Small Height (including nursery pot) 25cm; pot diameter 12cm.


In Ricardo's natural habitat his fenestrations have mutated and evolved to allow light to pass through so that the lower leaves and plants on the forest bed can still receive some light.

Ricardo is good looking, rare to find, fast growing and easy to take care of. As far as indoor plants go, he checks all the boxes.


Ricardo is happy in most homes with warm temperatures and good amounts of humidity.


 I can grow in the shade and will tolerate a room with less natural light. If you want me to grow quickly place me in a brighter spot.


Let my soil dry out a bit in between each watering. In the summer, water me once or twice a week or whenever the first inch of my soil is dry.


I like a humid room. Place me near a humidifier or group me with your other humidity loving plants.


I’ll grow quickly in the growth season and can be fertilised once a month when I’m actively growing. I don’t need any fertiliser in the winter months.





 A living room or office is a perfect place for Ricardo. He’s a good size for a bookcase or office desk.






How do you care for a Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma?

Taking care of Ricardo will be easy and enjoyable. He’s a stunning plant that will reward you with plenty of new growth over the spring and summer months. If trained properly he will even climb up your walls! Keep his soil on the drier side and never water him if the topsoil feels damp to the touch. Always reduce his watering schedule in the cooler months when Ricardo will be in dormancy. Ricardo should be placed in a warm room with temperatures of at least 18ºC. He will more likely push out new growth in a room between 20ºC-25ºC. Ricardo is very low maintenance when it comes to lighting and should be placed in a room with plenty of natural light. He will tolerate low light to an extent but will grow faster in a sunny room.

How often should I water my Rhaphidophora?

Knowing when to water Ricardo is easy and can be done by feeling the first two inches of his soil. In the summer he might need watering twice a week if placed in a sunny room. In the winter months this can be reduced to once every 2-3 weeks but it’s always best to go by how the soil feels.

Are Rhaphidophora toxic to cats?

Yes, Ricardo is toxic if ingested. If possible place him on a high bookshelf or on an office desk away from any curious pets or young children


Ricardo’s foliage is easy to style as he will attach himself to any surface if given the right encouragement. Use wall hooks to help support him and he will grow long vining foliage in not time at all. Pair Ricardo with the Bonsai tree, Paddy or Hamish who will match him perfectly.

Match the reflect crystal and heart crystal with Ricardo’s foliage to boost the positive vibes in your home.


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