Top 5 style tips for your houseplants


Styling your houseplants can be a fun and exciting project. It’s good to know where in your home your plants will look their best and which colours go well together. Here are some tips on how to style a piece of nature in your home.



Plant placement is a styling must. Once you’ve figured out how much sunlight your plant needs, you can really start to think about where it's going to live.


Long and tall plants



Long and tall indoor plants are great in a hallway, landing or corner of the room. These elegant plants will brighten up and give vibrance to an otherwise boring part of the home. Try using a plant stand or a small table for extra height.

Trailing plants



These plants look incredible on top of a book shelf, cabinet or high surface. Let gravity do its job and you’ll have lush, long foliage in no time. When the foliage gets too long, you can use the cuttings for propagation to make another plant.

Hanging plants



This is a very popular style with experienced houseplants owners. Once you’ve run out of surfaces, you can hang your plants from the ceiling. This is perfect for people who are running out of space to put their plants. A hanging plant gives off a relaxed bohemian vibe.

Small Plants



Smaller plants look incredible in groups. Placing small plants in groups can look very stylish. You can place smaller plants along a mantlepiece, windowsill or bedside table. Small houseplants can also look great on your office desk!

Intricate/heavily patterned plants



Uniquely patterned plants make a great focal point. If you have intricate detailed plants like a Monstera Deliciosa, Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) or Elephant Ear (Alocasia Zebrina) these plants can be placed as the main attraction of the room. Everything else in this room can be styled around this plant. If possible, display these plants on their own. They deserve their time to shine.



As your own personal jungle grows, you will start to notice that some plants may clash. It’s good in the earlier stages to figure out which plants should be grouped together.
The most important thing is to make sure your plants will be happy in their environment. Make sure they have the right light and humidity conditions.
A simple way to arrange your plants is by colour. Group plants together that have a similar shade of green. Plants with dark leaves can be grouped together. The same goes for light ones. This will stop your space from feeling overcrowded.
Try to avoid putting two patterned plants together, these plants are so beautiful all by themselves. They will cancel each other out by making your space look too overcrowded and busy.



Accessorising your indoor plants is a wonderful way to let your personality shine through. We bring in plants to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. Adding our own special touches to them can make styling your plants feel very personal.
Try using a vintage watering can as a plant pot for extra aesthetic. You could also use a small propagating plant stand which can look very cute. It can add depth or a quirky style to a bookshelf or fireplace.
Experimenting with plant stands and woven baskets can also bring style to your home without too much effort.




Picking the right pot for your plant will really help to highlight the beauty of your plant but not overshadow it.
If you own a patterned calathea or a variegated pothos, you can use simple colours such as white, black or grey. This makes sure that the plant is not overshadowed by the pot.
It’s hard to go wrong with neutral colours. Keeping to a similar colour palette takes the guesswork out of picking new pots as your collection grows.
Some plants such as the Zamioculcas (or ZZ Plant) or Parlour Palm have a single tone to them. If this is the case, you may wish to be more adventurous with your pot choice by adding pinks, greens and blues. It’s always fun to figure which colours you like best.



Personalising our spaces is another way of expressing ourselves. Plants can make a space feel more inviting to your friends and family and with our lives being busier than ever, they can add a sense of serenity to your home. The next time you look around the house, think about how you might be able to add a touch of green. Whatever room you’re thinking about styling, plants can go a long way to make it feel more homely.

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