Syngonium Trileaf Wonder Care Guide


Also known as the goosefoot plant, arrowhead vine and African evergreen. The Syngonium is native to Mexico and Costa Rica.


Tara will adapt to her surroundings and can thrive in all types of lighting. She prefers a well lit room about a metre away from any big windows. Although she will tolerate a room with smaller windows and less natural light.


Tara can survive many weeks without water and is very tolerant to periods of drought. In the summer, water her once every few weeks and in the winter months even less frequently. She’s an excellent plant for frequent travellers who might not be able to water very often.


Tara can cope in a low humidity environment and will not need to be placed near a humidifier or in a steamy bathroom. The occasional mist on her leaves can help to keep her leaves fresh and vibrant.


Tara will adapt to the temperature in your space and can tolerate temperatures from 13ºC-30ºC.


Fertilise Tara in the growth season from March-September. Always start by fertilising with a diluted solution to avoid shocking her root system.


Re-pot Tara with a well draining soil once every 1-2 years. If you place her in a well lit room she will grow quickly in the growth season. Wait until you notice her nursery pot begin to buckle or large roots sticking out from the bottom. This is a sign she is ready to be repotted with fresh potting mix.



Browning edges/patches - This can occasionally happen if Tara is placed in a very dry room or in direct sunlight. A pebble tray or placing her around plants that release humidity like Lily, Hamish and Areca palm will help keep crispy patches at bay. 

Leaves drooping - Tara’s leaves may droop a little when she is ready for a drink. Always feel her soil and make sure it’s dry before you water again.

Yellow leaves -  Yellow leaves are often caused by overwatering. Allow her soil to dry out before you water again. She can tolerate periods of drought. 


Top tip 1: Tara is poisonous if ingested. Place her out of reach of pets and small children. 

Top tip 2: To promote even growth rotate her pot weekly. 

Top tip 3: Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust from Tara’s leaves once every few weeks. This will help Tara to absorb more sunlight. 

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