Ananas Comosus Champaca Care Guide


The Ananas Champaca is also known as the pineapple plant. The pineapple plant is native to southern states of North America and South America. 


Philippa the Ornamental Pineapple needs plenty of sunshine to thrive. Place her near a south facing window or in the garden during the months of July and August if the weather stays warm. The more sunlight the better but at least 3-5 hours of bright light is ideal. Lighting-wise Philippa pairs perfectly with Sasha (Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia Nicolai) Alex (Aloe Vera) and Percy (Beaucarnea Recurvata) 


In the summer she will need frequent watering. This will depend on how much sunshine Philippa gets. If she’s in a sunny spot then watering up to twice a week will be needed. Water less frequently in the winter months or if it is in a shady part of the home. It’s always best to check the first two inches of her soil to make sure they are dry before you water again.


Philippa can tolerate a good amount of humidity. She may suffer in a very dry room but normal household humidity should be sufficient to keep Philippa happy. For a humidity boost place the Philippa next to a plant that releases humidity like Bonnie (Chlorophytum Bonnie or spider plant) Hamish (Nephrolepis Boston or Boston Fern) and Lily (Spathiphyllum Vivaldi or Peace Lily) 


The ideal temperature for Philippa is between 20ºC-30ºC. She can adapt to warmer temperatures but is not so tolerant to a cold room. If possible keep the room warmer than 18ºC to keep Philippa happy.


Fertilise Philippa once a month from the months of March-September. Do not fertilise Philippa when she is not actively growing or in the winter months.


Philippa will let you know when she is ready to be repotted. You’ll see lots of her roots sticking out of her nursery pot. Do not re-pot in the winter months when the plant is in dormancy.



Lower yellowing leaves -  This is a sign that Philippa has been overwatered. Check the first few inches of soil to make sure they are dry before you water again. 

Browning leaves - This could be from too much direct sunlight. If Philippa is outside, place it in a spot where there is morning or evening sunlight. Midday sun will be too harsh for her leaves - especially over the summer months.  

Brown spots on foliage - This could be a bad reaction to tap water. Use filtered or rain water moving forward. Tap water might be too harsh for her root system.


Top tip 1: Clean the leaves weekly with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust. 

Top tip 2: Every year, thoroughly soak the soil with a hose or kitchen tap to wash out any bacteria, extra fertiliser or any soil lacking in nutrients.

Top tip 3: If possible use rainwater to water Philippa. Harsh chemicals found in tap water could upset her delicate root system.

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