Rhipsalis Oasis Care Guide


Also known as the mistletoe cactus. The mistletoe cactus is native to Brazil, Florida and the Caribbean.


Reece will grow in a shady part of the home. Unlike other species of Cacti that prefer full sun Reece is perfectly happy in a shadier spot. His delicate leaves can burn easily and should be placed out of direct sunlight. Keep Reece away from a south or west facing window that will let in a lot of bright light. Lighting-wise Reece pairs perfectly with Foxy.


Reece prefers his soil on the moist side and will put up a fuss if his soil is left to dry out. Check the first inch of soil and only water when the first inch of the topsoil is dry. Avoid watering Reece when the topsoil is still wet as this could lead to overly soggy soil and root rot. In the winter this could be once every 7-10 days and in the summer months - more frequently.


Reece needs plenty of humidity to thrive. Find out how you can increase humidity in your home here. You can also place Reece next to Hamish the Fern and Bonnie the spider plant who will release humidity into your space.


The perfect indoor temperature for Reece is between 15-24ºC. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 15°C Reece will be happy


Use a diluted houseplant fertiliser in the months from March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Reece may only need repotting once every 1-2 years. The best way to tell if Reece needs repotting is to check for roots pushing out of his drainage holes.



Yellow tips - This could be for two reasons

  1. Check to see if Reece is getting any direct sunlight. Any direct sunlight could burn his leaves.
  2. Yellow tips could be a sign that Reece is getting too much water. 

Wilting stems -  This is often caused by overwatering. Reece likes regular watering but will not tolerate overly wet or soggy soil.

Brown tips - The brown tips could be a sign that Reece is reacting badly to tap water. Use filtered or rain water moving forward.


Top tip 1: To keep his soil moist for longer, avoid putting him in a terracotta pot. This material will dry out the moisture in the soil. 

Top tip 2: Place Reece in a humid bathroom near a frosted window. The filtered light will protect his vines.  

Top tip 3: Group Reece with other humidity loving plants like Ollie and Bonnie. This will help the overall humidity around your plants.

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