Aeschynanthus Pink Polka Care Guide


Also known as the lipstick plant. The lipstick plant is native to Malaysia.



Lola loves bright indirect sunlight. She is low light tolerant and can also cope with a sunny room. If placed in a south facing room keep her a metre or so away from any direct sunlight. She has hardy foliage but may burn if left in direct sunlight for many hours everyday. Lighting-wise Lola can be paired with the coffee plant, Betty and Lucy.


Lola is a drought tolerant plant and can be left for a few weeks without water. She will store plenty of water in her leaves as a reserve so don’t worry if she gets forgotten about.


Lola should be placed in a humid room like a bathroom or near a humidifier. She should also be paired with plants that release humidity into the air like Bonnie and Eraser. Find out how you can increase humidity here.


Lola should be placed in a warm room between 22-28°C. She is more likely to bloom if placed in a warmer room. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 21°C Lola will be happy.


To promote Lola’s beautiful blooms fertilise her once a month from the months of March-September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Lola is a fast growing plant but can stay in her original pot for many years. Only repot her when there are lots of roots pushing their way out of the drainage holes. Repot her in a potting mix filled with drainage materials such as perlite and bark.



Shrivelling leaves - Her leaves will shrivel or start to wrinkle when she is ready for a drink. Check the first couple of inches of her soil before you water to make sure it is dry.

Crispy leaves - This is often a sign that Lola is not getting enough humidity. Place her in a bathroom or on top of a pebble tray. Grouping your humidity loving plants together also helps increase humidity levels. 

Yellowing or mouldy vines - This is usually a sign that Lola has been overwatered. Check the first two inches of her soil and only water when it is dry.


Top tip 1: To encourage Lola to bloom her pink flowers, keep her in the brightest spot in your home provided there is not direct sunlight. 

Top tip 2: Lola is one of our top air purifying houseplants. Place her in your bedroom and she will help purify the air while you sleep. 

Top tip 3: Spray our beautifying leaf shine on Lola’s leaves weekly. Clean leaves will help to absorb more light.

lola curly-wurly blobby fortifying-houseplant-fertiliser peat-free-soil