Ficus Benjamina Care Guide


Also known as the weeping fig and ficus tree. The weeping fig is native to parts of tropical Asia and Australia.


Daniel should be placed in a very well lit room. A bright conservatory or a metre away from a south facing window would be ideal. Daniel pairs perfectly with Fiona and Melany who both prefer bright light.


Daniel prefers regular and consistent watering. You may notice his leaves start to drop if given too much or too little water. Always check the first two inches of his soil before watering again. Depending on how much light Daniel gets will factor into how much water he will need.


Daniel prefers a humid room. Place him next to a humidifier, in the bathroom or on a pebble tray. Find out how you can increase humidity in your home here.


Daniel can tolerate temperatures between 18ºC-24ºC. Avoid placing Daniel next to an open window or in a draughty part of the house. He prefers to be in a warm and draft-free environment. If the room is too cold for Daniel he will start to drop his leaves from stress.


Use a diluted houseplant fertiliser once a month to help promote new growth. Fertilise once a month in the growing season (March - September) but do not fertilise in the winter months when Daniel will be dormant.


Daniel can stay in his original pot for up to two years. While he is a fast grower, he can be sensitive to stress and should only be repotted when necessary. Make sure there are plenty of large roots sticking out of his drainage pot before repotting him again.



Brown crispy edges - Browning tips could be two reasons:

  1. Fertiliser burn - caused by too much fertiliser. Always use a quarter or half strength to avoid stress.
  2. Lack of humidity - keep Daniel near a humidifier or place him in a sunny bathroom.

Yellow leaves - This is usually a sign that there could be fungus in the soil caused by overwatering. Remove the plant from the nursery pot and if the soil feels wet and has an unpleasant smell he will need to be repotted in fresh dry soil.

Leaf drop - This is caused by stress. Daniel can be sensitive to his environment and will drop his leaves if moved into an environment that is cold or draughty. 

Brown spots on leaves - This is very often caused by two things:

  1. Daniel has been given too much direct sunlight and his leaves are burning
  2. Daniel has been overwatered and his root system is reacting badly to the overly wet soil. 


Top tip 1: Water Daniel with filtered or rain water as this will help prevent any brown spots on his leaves. 

Top tip 2: Thoroughly soak his soil with a hose or kitchen tap a couple of times a year to wash out any bacteria, extra fertiliser or any soil lacking in nutrients.

Top tip 3:  Keep Daniel on a high surface or out of reach from young children and pets. Daniel is toxic if ingested. 

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