Euphorbia Cristata Care Guide

The Euphorbia Cristata is native to eastern and southern Africa. 


Boris should be placed in a bright, sunny room with as much direct sunlight as possible. He will prefer a bright conservatory or south facing window. Place him in the sunniest spot in your home where he can soak the sunny rays. Lighting-wise, Garcia pairs perfectly with Sasha and the citrus tree.


Boris is a very drought tolerant plant. He is very sensitive to wet soil and his watering schedule should be kept to a minimum. Hold back on his watering in the winter months and only water when his soil has completely dried out. He may only need a small drink once every 2-3 months in the winter and once a month in the summer. It’s always best to check the soil first before you water him.


Boris is not one to fuss when it comes to humidity. He can be placed in a dry room and does not need a humid environment to thrive.


Boris needs a warm room with plenty of sunshine. Place Boris in a room between the temperatures of 20-25°C. As long as the indoor temperature doesn't dip lower than 20°C Boris will be happy.


Boris is a slow grower and does not need regular fertilising. Use a cacti fertiliser twice a month in the growing season from March - September. Do not fertilise in the winter months.


Boris does not need to be repotted very often and can stay in his original nursery pot for 2-3 years. Boris will prefer well draining soil and should be repotted with a cacti potting mix with plenty of drainage ingredients like bark and perlite.



 Rotting/mushy black stem -  This is a sign that Boris has been overwatered. He is a drought tolerant plant and should be left to dry out before he is watered again. 

Leaning stems - Boris will naturally lean towards any lighting source. Rotate his pot once a week for even growth.

Yellow leaves/stems - This is a sign of overwatering. Check Boris’s soil and only water when the first few inches of soil are dry. If the soil feels overly wet or soggy Boris may need to be repotted into fresh dry potting soil.

 Mushrooms/mould on top soil
- This is caused by lack of aeration in the soil. You can remove the mould or mushrooms with a teaspoon. Remove the first inch of the soil and sprinkle down some cinnamon to act as a natural fungicide. If his soil is staying wet for long periods of time this could lead to root rot. Repot him in dry, fresh cacti potting soil. 


Top tip 1: When it's time to repot, place bubble wrap around Boris and use gloves to avoid any injuries. 

Top tip 2: Use a cotton bud dipped in diluted neem oil to keep his stems clean and free from any bugs. 

Top tip 3: To keep Boris happy, make sure his soil is fully dry before he is watered again. This could be as little as once every month in the summer.