Anthurium Care Guide


Also known as the laceleaf and flamingo flower. The Anthurium is native to Ecuador and Columbia.


Georgia should be placed in a bright room with plenty of natural light. She is not a low-light tolerant plant and will fail to thrive in a dark spot of the home. Place her near a west or east facing window in indirect light. Lighting-wise she can be placed with Eraser, Melany and Daniel.


The best way to know when Georgia is ready for a drink is by feeling the first few inches of her soil. She might droop her foliage a little when she is ready for a drink. Her watering schedule should be reduced in the winter months when she needs a lot less water.


Georgia is a humidity loving plant and should be placed near a humidifier or on a pebble tray. Place Georgia near plants that release humidity like Lily and Hamish for an extra humidity boost.


The perfect indoor temperature for Georgia is between 20ºC-25ºC. The warmer the temperature the more quickly she will grow and your watering schedule will be more frequent.


Georgia can be fertilised once a month in the growing season (March-September) to promote new growth. Do not fertilise in the winter months when the plant is in dormancy.


Georgia can stay in her original nursery pot until large roots start sticking out of the bottom holes. Do not re-pot in the winter months as this could send her into shock during her dormancy period.



Brown leaves/ spots  - This could happen for a couple of reasons 

  1. You’re overwatering Georgia and her watering schedule needs to be less frequent.
  2. She is reacting badly to tap water. Use filtered or rain water moving forward. 

Drooping foliage with yellow tips - This is usually a sign that Georgia is ready for a drink. Always check the first few inches of soil before you water. 

Yellow/discolouration leaves  -  This can happen for two reasons

  1. Georgia has received too much light and should be moved out of bright direct light.
  2. Georgia has been over fertilised. All infected leaves should be removed and fertilising should be reduced.


Top tip 1: If given the right care Georgia will continually bloom for many years. 

Top tip 2: Georgia’s leaves are very sensitive to direct sunlight. They will wilt if placed in any direct sunlight. 

Top tip 3: Dust Georgia's leaves every 2-3 weeks to keep her foliage fresh and vibrant. Use our leaf shine for healthy and happy foliage.

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